Your 101% efforts, right down to the details don’t go unnoticed by me. What I appreciated most from your class was that you made it a point to make things relevant to us. I’m glad I took this module and I’m even more grateful that it was taught by you. I think the teachers we meet in our lives really do make a great impact on the learning outcomes and the subject matter at hand. Content might be king but engagement is truly queen. I’m glad that I had the chance to dip my toes into five other disciplines that I know close to nothing about. It was very eye-opening class..

– Claire McColl


Genuinely wants to help his students learn something from the module, and makes the effort to tweak his tutorials to make learning more effective.

– Anonymous Student Feedback


Thank you Jonathan! I thoroughly enjoyed GEQ1000 under your guidance and this module has been the complete opposite of the horror stories I’ve heard from my friends. They would tell me the module is bad but not explain why, so this makes me think they just can’t appreciate thinking! But you have truly helped us students hone our thinking skills, through the different schools of thinking.

I think the most enjoyable part of lessons is the very relevant and quirky examples raised in class, that not only helps to engage us students, but also keeps us on our toes because the examples like dating also is something we would like to find out more, on a personal basis.

Thank you for also always laughing with us and yourself, it really makes us at ease with how lighthearted classes can be, whilst still being so entirely enriching! This will be one of my most favourite modules throughout university!! :)

– Anonymous Student Feedback