Very energetic and very engaging. His class is so lively and fun! I look forward to attending his class all the way in University Town even after a long day’s work! Very sincere and real. His sharing in class is very beneficial to all students. Jonathan also shares openly about his thoughts and experiences, and he bring out greater sharings from the class. Extremely dedicated person.

Jonathan is very well prepared for his class. He summarizes all the notes from the videos, teaches from his powerpoint slides and prepare tutorials and goes thru with the class very systematically. He also encourages participation in class in a fun way by randomly assignment ‘fun’ roles to students of each

– Virginia Shaw


Jonathan’s lessons are very interesting compared to the lecture videos. It strays away from the usual ‘textbook learning’ and focuses more on letting us learn by playing games or engaging in activities that he has planned. Furthermore, his feedbacks are very to the point and easy to understand, upon which we could improve on. His passion for this subject surpasses any TAs throughout my entire university life thus far. His lessons are also very catered to FASS students and through his games, we could see the hard work that he has placed in for this module. He is truly someone who can teach.

– Anonymous Student Feedback


He is a dedicated teacher whose passion is evident in the attention and care he shows his students. Furthermore, he goes above and beyond in ensuring that students know he is always there for them, be it for consultations or otherwise. His willingness to open up to students always brings back the human aspect of teaching – he shares about his personal life and experiences so we will feel more connected with him. Conversations are always two–way, and he doesn’t make students feel like he is merely a superior, but rather more like our equal who understands our struggles and who is willing to help.

– Anonymous Student Feedback